Meaning of 'zada'

dzada. [Tel.] adj. To the root, entire. samulamu. zadaceyu dzada-cheyu. v. t. To exterminate, to root out. nirmulamuceyu.

Meaning of ౛డ

ḍzaḍa. [Tel.] n. Hair plaited or braided in chains, matted hair. The finishing twist or plait of a straw roof. The mane of a lion. ౛డకట్టు or ౛డగొను. ḍzaḍa-kaṭṭu. v. n. To be plaited, to form into plaits. ౛డదారి ḍzaḍa-dāri. n. A hermit or anchorite with matted locks. వానప్రస్థుడు. ౛డలుధరించిన ఋషి. ౛డబిళ్ల ḍzaḍa-biḷḷa. n. A head ornament worn by Hindoo women over their plaited hair. ౛డముడి. ḍzaḍa-muḍi. n. The knot of hair behind the head. ౛డమెకము the maned beast, i.e., a lion. కేసరి.

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