Meaning of 'gandharvamu'

gandharvamu. [Skt. from gandharva.] n. A fairywedding. A love match, without the authority of parents. It is a fashionable phrase for seduction.

Meaning of గంధర్వము

gandharvamu. [Skt. from 'Kandahar' which derives its name from Iskander, i.e. Alexander (the Great.) See Mahaffy.] n. A mythological animal. మృగవిశేషము. A horse from Gändhāra or Kandahar, a Kābuli horse. గంధర్వుడు gandhatvuḍu. n. A mythological being, one of the singers and musicians in the Hindu Olympus. గంధర్వునివంటివాడు a very handsome fellow.

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