Meaning of 'odu'

odu. [Tel.] n. Defeat, loss, failure, a forfeit, a crack, chink, hole. a penamu oduganunnadi that saucepan is cracked. odubilla odu-billa. Pan tiles, such as are used for roofs. T. iv. 202.

Meaning of ఓడు

ōḍu. [Tel.] v. n. or v. a. To fail, lose, to be defeated or worsted, అపజయపడు. To flow or be lost, as blood, పారు. To shrink, hesitate, fall back భయపడు, సంకోచించు. ఆట ఓడినాడు he lost the game. జీవహింసకోడి shrinking or hesitating to take away life. ఓడుపడు to be frightened. వర్రు ఓడ అనగా ప్రవాహముగా పారు to rush, as a flood. M. Xiii. ii. 451. మీమోము చూడనోడి unable to look you in the face. ఓడకోడకు fly not! flee not.

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