Meaning of 'oddu'

oddu. [Tel.] n. A bank or shore. dari. The original number; whether multiplicand or dividend. The disposition of an army in a battle field vyuhamu. A stake in gambling. pandemu. oddimi. An attempt punika. An obstacle. addapatu. odduvesikoni yundu. to be in wait or ambush. oddu virigi dani mida paddaru they fell upon him tooth and nail. odducupu to place one's troops. ni oddu virugugaka may the greatness perish. oddu or oddaina oddu. adj. Large, great, stout, big. oddugundlu large balls, boulders, or, fragments of rocks hurled from a hill. oddolagamu odd-olagamu. (oddu+olagamu) n. A great assembly. oddumeraka high and low, ups and downs: unevenness.

Meaning of ఒడ్డు

oḍḍu. [Tel.] v. a. To place, put, lay, heap up. To fix, set, cast. To rival. To wager పందెమిడు. To spread (a net), &c. చాచు, పరచు. To oppose అడ్డగించు. To lend an ear to, to listen. చెవియొడ్డు; leap across దాటు. నెమళ్లుపురలొడ్డి the peacocks having spread their tails.

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